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Tren-Ace-Max vial

Tren-Ace-Max vial

Brand: Maxtreme
Product Code: 539
Package: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)
Substance: trenbolone acetate
Availability: In Stock
Price: A$110.70


Tren-Ace-Max is an injectable anabolic steroid that has earned the close attention of sport circles, in particular muscleman athletes and bodybuilders. Trenbolone is the active component of the drug, belongs to the group of 19-nortestosterones which makes it a progestin-active steroid, with most of the advantages, however with some disadvantages. The composition of Trenbolone Acetate bears the name Tren-Ace-Max. The ability to have a direct effect on androgen receptors exceeds testosterone by 4-5 times. It is not for nothing that Trenbolone is considered the most powerful drug in the doping industry. The ability to increase muscle mass and develop strength indicators is incomparable, it's not without reason that athletes quite often resort to buying Trenbolone, and as a result, they don't want to use anything else any longer. However, there is a regularity here, the stronger the steroid, the higher the risk of side effects, in this case, androgenic (aggression, acne, increased hair growth and baldness). Therefore, you should always start taking it with minimal dosages in order to determine the strength of the dose's effects on the body.


Trenbolone Acetate is a short oily form that is molecularly related to the active substance Trenbolone, as it is known, steroids in short forms as a rule, are more effective during the drying period or in dry mass gaining cycles. One way or another, the short form of Trenbolone is more practical and safe, although it requires frequent administrations. By injecting the drug into the muscle, it quickly resolves and is released into the blood, quickly begins to act and soon the action stops, this is good because in fact when negative reactions of the body are manifested, you can stop the drug intake and everything will return to its normal functioning. Trenbolone is famous not only for its high androgenic activity, but also for its powerful anabolic effect, this allows you to improve the definition of muscles in a relatively short time, bringing it to a more athletic one. As the substance cannot be converted into oestrogens, the process of muscle hydration is excluded, however, the ability to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone by about 200% actively involves the process of lipolysis (fat burning). As a whole, during the course, Trenbolone rewards the athlete with a high-quality of dry muscle mass gains and phenomenal strength increases. Trenbolone Acetate could help quickly achieve the Master of Sports title in most types of strength sports and not only this, but the time of detection of the steroid in the blood can reach 5 months, so preparation for competitions at which there will be a doping test cannot occur with Trenbolone. No injectable drug can increase strength indicators as much as Trenbolone. Therefore, it is desirable among powerlifters, it is Trenbolone Acetate that is recommended by the coaches, because with a proper diet, it is able to increase the strength of an athlete without increasing his own weight by too much. Also, a fairly important property is a decrease in cortisol level by inhibiting it, this also affects the intensified mass gain even with the most low-calorie diet.

Poor-quality manufacturers

As you know, there are many handicraft manufacturers who use veterinary drugs for the production of their brands of Trenbolone. Such drugs also contain Trenbolone, but in smaller amounts, the main component of such drugs is oestradiol at a dose of 8-24mg per portion. For this reason, athletes often complain of gynecomastia and oedema fluid build-up. We recommend buying Trenbolone only from trusted manufacturers who have a security system and the originality of their products can be checked on the main manufacturer's website.

How to use it safely and correctly

For the complete safety of the user, we recommend conducting the course in this way:

- The recommended daily dosage for Trenbolone acetate is 50-100mg, this dose should be administered every other day throughout your cycle duration;

- The course lasts 6-8 weeks in duration, you can extend the course, but only safely with the use of gonadotropin supplements;

- 2-3 days after the course has ended, start taking Clomid at 50mg per day for two-three weeks and reduce the dose to 25mg for the last two weeks;

- High levels of androgens are able to suppress the natural production of testosterone, after the rapid normalization of the concentration of test synthesis in the body, start taking a testosterone booster from the beginning of the last week of the course. Taking Tribulus should last 3-4 weeks, also Tamoxifen should be use within your PCT.

Combined courses can often bring better results than singly for the full development of muscle mass without consequences. We recommend taking Trenbolone Acetate in combination with Stanozolol and Oxandrolone for the optimal drying purposes.

Side effects

A high androgenic background can provoke a number of undesirable reactions, with Trenbolone, they are highly improbable if you do not exceed the permissible doses, you can avoid these possible side effects: aggression, hair loss on the top of the head, increased hair growth according to the male type, a decrease or too high libido (sluggish erections), acne, oily skin. It is also not advised to use Trenbolone with Ephedrine or Clenbuterol.

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