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Key Features fluoxymesterone

Posted by in Fluoxymesterone Description, Fluoxymesterone Info on November 29, 2017 . .

Halotestin – is the trade name for the steroid fluoxymesterone, which produces firm Upjohn. Its structure is derived from fluoxymesterone testosterone. It is different from the source of androgen by three structural changes, this additional group of 17-alpha-methyl, 11-beta-hydroxy and 9-fluorene group. Therefore, the oral steroid has pronounced androgenic qualities. This is due to the fact that fluoxymesterone is a derivative of testosterone, so it has some similar characteristics. More important is the fact that Halotestin is a good basis for enizimov 5-alpha. This is evidenced by the large amount of degradation products of the drug. They represent androgens which do not have a group of 5-alpha in the structure of their molecules, and they are connected with their outer androgenic nature. This explains the fact that Halotestin converted to the more potent steroid in tissues of the body that are susceptible to androgen, namely the skin and the entire body of the head, and in the prostate.

Group 11-beta hydroxyl group in the molecular structure Halotestin also inhibits aromatization process, so the process becomes impossible to produce estrogen. Therefore, while taking this drug, you are unlikely to encounter such side effects as an estrogenic fluid retention, fat accumulation and gynecomastia. However, we can expect a manifestation of androgenic side effects

Halotestin and it will be difficult to avoid. Most likely, you will encounter of oily skin and acne. In case of serious complications is possible to apply additional resources to monitor such phenomena. Another problem could be enhanced baldness, so if you have already encountered this, we recommend not using the drug. Also can escalate aggression while taking Halotestin . Although some athletes perceive these positive manifestations, as this condition helps to strengthen the intensity of the training or to prepare for competition. It is obvious that Halotestin is a very strong androgenic, so women should not take it. Otherwise possible masculinization symptoms almost immediately after starting. Even if a woman decides to take Dianabol, we recommend it to think again, as in this case, masculinization as inevitable.Halotestin steroid

Although, as it turned out, Halotestin more androgenic than testosterone, but the anabolic effects of its action is not very pronounced. So it prepraty very strong action, but it is not the best for building muscle. Most often Halotestin makes your muscles more solid and dense, but not conducive to significant growth. Therefore, this drug, we recommend to take the athletes involved in sports such as wrestling, weightlifting and boxing. Increased muscle force characteristics is not accompanied by an increase in the weight of the athlete, allowing him not exceed the required weight limits. Halotestin is also a great tool for the preparation of athletes to compete in bodybuilding. If the body fat of an athlete quite insignificant, the strong androgen action in the absence of excess estrogen in the body will make your muscles firm and distinct, and will greatly improve their appearance. Changing the ratio of androgens and estrogen allows the body to actively get rid of excess fat and will not contribute to the new fat. Halotestin provides almost the same “hardness” of muscles, as trenbolone, but muscle mass increases only slightly. Thus, it becomes clear that androgens are not exposed to flavoring in the human body as Halotestin and trenbolone, play a significant role in the preparation for a competition.

The main problem with taking Halotestin , due to the high toxicity of this drug. This is due to the fact that fluoxymesterone group has 17-alpha methyl in their structure, this change allows to take it orally. As we have said in this book, such changes in the structure of the chemicals can cause great harm to the liver. The probability of such complications is very high in the case of Halotestin , especially if taken in large quantities and over a long period of time. We recommend that you take daily no more than 20-40 mg of the drug for 8 weeks, no more. Thereafter, the same must be made break (at least 8 weeks) in the reception means with any oral group 17 alpha methyl. Also, this drug can not be taken in conjunction with such oral means better use of other drugs for oral administration, which has no structure changes mentioned above, or injections ether compounds which do not have such effects on the liver.

During weight loss, “drying” the muscles can be combined Halotestin such as a mild anabolic Deca – Durabolin or Equipoise , since these drugs have good anabolic effect and do not contribute to the formation of excessive estrogen in the body. In this combination Halotestin will ensure the presence of the desired androgenic component and help the muscles become more firm and clearly defined than it would have been possible in the case of only one of anabolic steroids.

It is possible that in such cases, even better use Primobolan Depot, since such a combination of drugs will save you from any manifestation of estrogen action: whether it is fluid retention or fat accumulation. In order to increase muscle mass, it is better to do injections of testosterone. Combination 400-800 mg of testosterone enanthate and 20-30 mg of Halotestin is a wonderful tool for the accumulation of muscle mass and strength. However, in this case possible manifestation of side effects of these drugs, since they both are potent androgens.

Fluoxymesterone may suppress testosterone levels in the body, despite the lack of estrogen conversion. It is therefore necessary to take additional medication at the end of each cycle to restore a normal release of androgen in the body. It is best to take a combination of HCG (gonadotropin) and Clomid / Nolvadex , these drugs are well reduced the level of hormones in the body. Although at the time of receiving Halotestin no problems with estrogen, but we recommend to take the anti-estrogen drugs like Clomid or Nolvadex . HCG stimulates aromatase activity in the Leydig cells and Clomid or Nolvadex blocks the activity of the “excess” of estrogen. Then, these drugs reduce the inhibitory effect of natural estrogens on the hypothalamus, as they stimulate increased production of gonadotropins and thereby maintain normal testosterone biosynthesis.

Due to the fact that the use Halotestin is associated with specific targets, so this drug is not very common among athletes. Accordingly, it is not often seen on the black market. Therefore, the creation of this drug counterfeiting is not profitable, which confirms the fact of the lack of fakes on the market. Consequently, any variety Halotestin , which can be found on sale, can be considered as drugs, issued legally. Today, most commercially available drug Stenox can be found in Mexico, which is sold in boxes of 20 tablets. Although each tablet contains only 2.5 mg, but the low price of the drug justifies this inconvenience.