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PCT drugs for sale

Steroids can actively change hormonal levels within the user’s body, which not all athletes are aware of. Steroid preparations contain active ingredients that slow down the production of natural testosterone by the body. This is the reason why athlete’s take steroids very carefully so that they can avoid the manifestation of side effects. After completing the intake of AAS, it is necessary to undergo post-cycle therapy (PCT) without fail!

Why do you need PCT?

Post-cycle therapy is necessary for the athlete’s body to recover after taking steroids. Testosterone production will only then be resumed and stable. But even a competent and effective post-cycle therapy it will not help restore the normal level of testosterone in the body. This means that PCT simply makes it possible to accelerate the recovery processes. And therefore, the level of testosterone that is produced by the body becomes at the most optimal point. If you ignore PCT, the body will try to recover on its own, which can take more than a year. Also, remember that reduced testosterone production leads to stress in the body, which negatively affects the functioning of internal organs.

Buy drugs for PCT in Australia

The main drugs for PCT include; Antiestrogens - these drugs are intended for use after a course of anabolic steroids, there is an exception for Tamoxifen, which can be used on the course of steroids in order to prevent the onset and manifestation of gynecomastia; Aromatase and prolactin inhibitors - These drugs are used both on the course of anabolic steroids and after the course, the main task is the planned control of hormones, they are often used in combined courses. Anastrozole, Letrozole, Cabergoline are very popular; and HCG (Chorionic Gonadotropin) - HCG is used during a steroid course, the duration of which is at least 8-10 weeks, according to a certain scheme.

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