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Which steroids are better?

Posted by on November 10, 2017 . .
At various stages of training, certain pharmaceutical support is used. Some of the substances will manifest themselves more strongly in the collection of the mass, while others will appear when forming relief lines. Therefore, it makes sense to choose which steroids are best for each stage.
The best steroids for muscle mass
  1. An unconditional leader in this group is the deca, also called nandrolone or retabolil. Its advantages: good efficiency, low level of androgenic activity and recoil, small aromatization. It is also good from the point of view of safety, having low toxicity.
  2. Methandrostenolone (methane), which enters the trading network under the name of dianabol, is deservedly popular among athletes and not only. It acts quickly, greatly accelerating the collection of muscle mass. The effectiveness of its use is immediately apparent. Unfortunately, the effect is short-lived, since methane is characterized by the phenomenon of pullback. This lack of it is corrected by the reception of other means.
  3. Classic bodybuilding - testosterone. He and his derivatives do not lose their significance. The drug works reliably at various stages of mass gain. But its use requires high accuracy in the selection of the optimal dose because of its ability to influence the production of its own sex hormones and the ability to partially convert to estrogen in an overdose.
  4. Trenbolone has a powerful efficacy, 4 times higher than testosterone. Its minus is a high degree of intolerance to many people.
  5. Oximetalone (anadrol) quickly and reliably grows muscles. However, its toxicity is too high.
Steroids for relief and strength
If you focus on the opinion of athletes, in which the steroids are better, then stanozolol is the most in demand. Perhaps this is due to the cheapness of the drug. His method stimulates the formation of proteins, without significantly increasing the mass of muscles. But this remedy is dangerous for the liver.
If you do not take into account the cost, then the best is oxandrolone (anavar). Its main advantages are: high degree of safety, and low level of androgenic effect. There are almost no side effects. Having a moderate anabolic effect, the anavar promotes the growth of quality muscle mass.
To make the relief appear as quickly as possible, you will need drostanolone (masteron). They are sometimes used on the eve of important competitions. Long-term use of the master can not, side effects will occur. Used for drying anavar and vinstrol, in addition, well increase the strength of the muscular apparatus.
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