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Testicular atrophy on a steroid cycle: What should I do?

Posted by on October 05, 2021 . .

The main male hormone, testosterone, helps a bot grow into a man and to be masculine. This hormone is an assistant in building a beautiful body, gaining an attractive figure and increasing the sexual activity. It is this hormone who ensures the correct functioning of the reproductive system of the body. If testosterone is at a normal level, obesity or sexual dysfunction will not threaten a man.

This hormone can be produced in the body naturally, or it can come from outside. Testosterone is actively used in the form of steroids by athletes looking to gain muscle mass fast or by athletes who generally suffer from low levels of testosterone.

Testicular atrophy on a steroid cycle due to the suppression of a user’s own testosterone production

If a person takes anabolic steroids, which are derivatives of testosterone, as well as endogenous (artificial) testosterone itself, then the body does not have to produce a natural hormone any longer, or rather the body is deceived by the fact that it sees an excessive amount of testosterone and therefore does not produce what is no longer needed, since the level of this hormone is satisfactory and even constantly high. Therefore, the body does not waste its energy and “turns off” the main production of testosterone which is the testicles (testes). Gradually, from the use of steroids, the testes decrease in size due to their uselessness in producing testosterone. However, such an erroneous reaction of the body leads not only to the falling asleep of the testes, but also to infertility.

As soon as the hormone’s own natural production fully stops, erection problems begin and impotence develops. The next stage can be obesity and then a decrease in the testosterone production while on a course of steroids. If you could not stop taking the drug on time, or took it uncontrollably, testicular atrophy occurs and the treatment of which has not yet been invented by anyone. 

Testicular atrophy on a steroid cycle: What is the threat?

Testicular atrophy is a serious medical condition that can appear after a course of steroids. The reason is the inhibition of the function of the organ and the subsequent decrease in its size. Previously, this problem was rare, but today it is very common and even among young people. This suggests that the course of steroids is not compiled correctly, on which Gonadotropins are not used and PCT is not performed correctly, which leads not only to testicular atrophy, but also to other serious diseases.

This disease causes a decrease in the genitals in men and stops their work. This completely destroys the work of the reproductive system.

Testicular atrophy after a course of steroids can begin as follows:

  • The man is gaining weight;
  • testicles dry out;
  • Sexual desire drops sharply;
  • The erection becomes unstable or disappears altogether;
  • Frequent mood swings begin.

What to do to prevent testicular atrophy on a steroid cycle?

There are two ways to prevent the development of the disease, which are with the use of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) during the course of steroids and the timely restoration of natural testosterone production in the body via PCT. In this case, even if the testes have already decreased in size after the course, you can correct the situation by improving the function of the testes and restore their intimate life.

HCG is a drug that acts on the hypothalamus, stimulating the production of LH, which promotes the synthesis of testosterone in the testes, in which this normalizes their work. Already while on the recovery course, sexual power returns to the man, or if you start taking gonadotropin drugs on time, it does not disappear at all. Taking the drug will only help if the testicles have not yet had fully stopped working and testicular atrophy has not yet set in.

You can find gonadotropin drugs such as hMG and hCG within our store. Purchasing these substances as part of your steroid cycle is a must, so that no natural shutdowns occur during your cycle. This is the best known way to safely cycle with anabolic steroids.

The natural testosterone production will begin only when the use of steroids, which inhibit the natural function of the gland, is suspended. You can also start taking medications that can restore the male strength and the reproductive functioning.

The role of post cycle therapy is very important. Competent PCT restores the normal hormonal levels back to their original state.

Anti-estrogens and testicular function

After the course, anti-estrogens are taken without fail. They prevent the conversion of the male hormone into estrogen by improving the work of the hypothalamus, this prevents the suppression of its work and improves the production of free testosterone in the body. All this makes anti-estrogens indispensable for PCT.

You can find all different types of anti-estrogens from type 1-3 within our online store.

Restoration of the natural testosterone production

Earlier it was said that in order to prevent testicular atrophy on the course, you need to restore the production of your own testosterone. For young athletes who do not abuse steroids, the recovery process happens by itself quite quickly. Within a few days, the function of the testicles improves and returns to normal levels. Newbie bodybuilders do not have time to feel the difference in the state of the body during the course and after it, they will be shocked with the vital recovery process.

For experienced athletes, this process may take much longer or not happen on its own at all. It is not worth checking whether the body can cope on its own or if it needs help, as right after the completion of the course, it is necessary to carry out competently your PCT.

All Post Cycle Therapy drug can be found within our online catalog, it is advised to order these vital substances before beginning your cycle or course or steroids.

Risk-free sports

Taking hormonal drugs is a serious step for many athletes, but it is very difficult to achieve serious indicators in the bodybuilding sport. In order not to put your health at risk, it is important to take steroids correctly, enter and exit the course correctly, control the hormone levels and carry out the necessary tests that are needed. The correct PCT after the course is also important. Only a competent specialist can help in this, it is impossible to take anabolic steroids on your own under any circumstances. For help with this specialized advice you can contact our expert team via our website for further support and advice.

Tip: While cycling with your favored substances, it has been known and proven that including growth hormones (HGH) during the period of your cycle can help and protect the body. All of the above information is vital and needs to be followed, but if you are using HGH during this period, this will help to ensure that your body stays healthy, as GH helps within the homeostasis of the hormones. This means that you are better protected and also, it will help the body while dealing with these extra hormones that would usually add more stress without the help of GH. You can find original versions of this incredible substance within our store under the HGH section.

Last update: October 05, 2021