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Steroids for drying

Posted by on November 10, 2017 . .
After the athlete has already achieved a certain result in bodybuilding, it's time to "dry up" the muscles a little, to make them more impressive, to look more lean. Suitable drugs for men over 25. Another necessary condition - the amount of fat in the layer on the abdomen or thighs. If its thickness exceeds 3.5 cm to apply steroids for drying early, you must first lose some weight.
Popular steroids for drying
  1. Masteron successfully combines the average anabolic indicators with a high androgenic effect. The most visible result is the application of the master simultaneously with a precisely calculated diet.
  2. In general, steroids for drying have many contraindications. Promoblan is popular because it is a fairly safe drug. It is noted for its good ability to strengthen the venous traction.
  3. Anavar has a low androgenic and lipolytic activity against a background of a high degree of anabolic action. These qualities make it a highly effective means for shaping the musculature. Several limits the possibility of using the anavar for its strong hepatotoxicity.
  4. Winstrol has a bright anabolic effect on muscle tissue, three times higher than in its activity of natural testosterone. To build muscle mass, it is indispensable, but its influence on the formation of a relief structure is somewhat less. It is successfully supplemented by other steroids for drying.
  5. Trenbolone is characterized by good activity with respect to adipose tissue. After the course of the trenbolone, its amount decreases noticeably. Parallel appointment of a diet with an increased amount of protein makes the effect of this steroid much more effective. Taking a trenuble it is necessary to monitor the liver and kidneys, to which it has a noticeable toxic effect.
Sequence of drug use
As a rule, steroids for drying the body weight at their cost slightly surpass drugs on a dry muscle mass. The difference in price makes choice difficult. The best result is easier to achieve, starting with the second option. The result of consecutive courses will be the formation of pronounced relief lines. The use of low -androgenic agents in the future will allow to fix the result with minimal loss of muscle mass. In some cases, after courses of anabolic steroids, there is a need for gonadotropic hormones.
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