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Rest between approaches

Posted by on April 06, 2017 . .

This rarely think newcomers, but rest between sets the correct length - very important components of an effective workout. During this short rest, the body begins a process eventually leading to the growth and strengthening of muscle tissue.

So the rest must be built on the basis of knowledge of these processes with the goal of training, or a part of its effectiveness is lost, and you will train the force rather than mass build-up, increasing power rates, but almost without adding weight.

Rest between sets

Until last load and muscle forced to do some work, actively spent quick "energy" embodied in the muscle structures. This ATP, glycogen, phosphocreatine, and other substances participating in aerobic processes do not release energy, and by means of which all the power exercises are performed.

If the reserves of energy is not enough, in the works include aerobic (with oxygen) energy release mechanisms and working on them slow muscle fibers. During heavy load muscles first 2-5 seconds (3-4 most powerful muscle contractions) take energy from ATP, then to work for 20-25 seconds, the creatine, when stocks come to an end, the process of glycolysis begins. It is very difficult to work out the muscles antagonists without adherence rest between sets and exercises.

But the last end so quickly - for 2-3 minutes, after which the muscles start using more "slow" energy reserves. To overcome the stress begin to be invoked slow muscle fibers that give smaller increase in mass, so the majority of training terminated at the stage of exhaustion of stocks of "fast" power engineers. Once the load is stopped, it begins the restoration of energy reserves.

All of these substances are replenished muscles quickly enough. ATP and phosphocreatine fully restored within 2-3 minutes, but the amount required to complete the full approach for 20-30 seconds can be restored for the same 20-30 seconds, completing a total of 3-6 approach (because of a short holiday shortened muscles amount of energy with each approach and performance gradually decreases).

Glycogen and other materials for glycolysis return to the previous level for 2-5 minutes, full of muscles shows all the decay products (bringing them back to the 100% level of readiness to load) for a period of 7-10 minutes. Also during the holiday in the first minute to produce testosterone, providing a brief but strong stimulating effect.

Another important point - the restoration of the central nervous system resources. The heavier the weight, the more it comes into operation with him, time to recovery of the central nervous system must be quite a lot, about 5 minutes. The duration of these processes and the knowledge of the theoretical basis of muscle growth and added guidelines for rest periods.

How long should rest between approaches in Australia

Its duration depends on the purpose of training.

Training on weight sgonki and patterning is aimed at burning body fat, so should be spent more calories than restored, and rest between sets - to restore only the "fast" energy.

Therefore, the recommended duration of rest - from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The less rest, the more intense will burn fat. During training on the relief and burning fat you need to do a lot of repetitions in each set and work with no maximum weight.

With a short rest the blood does not have time to leave the muscle, and the work included different types of muscle fibers, which increases the effectiveness of calorie consumption. But to fully recover in a short period of time your muscles can not, therefore, the load should be moderate.

Relax during a workout on the weight of the set - a controversial issue. One group of experts believes that the maximum weight gain occurs at maximum load, and to carry out full-fledged approach to the heavy weights need to fully restore the ATP stocks creatine and allow the body to deduce the decay products from the muscles. So the rest should last 2-3 minutes.

Representatives opposite camp adhere cumulative fatigue on which the accumulation of breakdown products stimulate muscle growth, so the rest limited to the time sufficient for energy recovery, but insufficient for complete removal of lactic acid and other slag - from 30 seconds to a minute.


  • Very effective exercise in the deltoid muscles of the shoulder, the so-called military press , it can be done standing or seated, with a barbell or dumbbells.
  • How to draw up a program of training and keep a diary bodybuilder described here.

Also last school professionals operate with the data on the increased production of testosterone with a short rest between sets. But this argument is highly controversial: Testosterone has a major impact on muscle growth. Most professionals practicing first approach and recommends performing 4-7 repetitions to rest for 2-3 minutes. Practice shows that such a rest period provides the fastest supply growth.

Training on power performance increase should be based on a different principle. To increase strength at so critical supply growth, so a new approach must be carried out only after complete recovery of energy and elimination of degradation products. Rest should last 3-5 minutes. It is known that lifters when working with large weight and a rest of 10 minutes.

When training with maximal weights diverge CNS resources, so for the next full-fledged approach need to be fully recovered. The general rule about the optimal duration of rest is this: the more weight and fewer repetitions, the longer vacation. Therefore, if you do more than 12 reps - rest should last no more than a minute. 8 to 12 - minute repeats 4-7 - 2-3 minutes, at least 4 replicates - 3-5 minutes.

What should include holidays in Australia

Muscle recovery is not only when we are completely at rest, so long as one muscle group is restored, you can do another exercise. But without the inclusion of already-developed muscle groups. Before training many experts advise to run on the treadmill for 15-25 minutes, it is not only warms your muscles, but also contributes to the training of the cardiovascular system and accelerate metabolism. Therefore, there is support for the organization of training on the cyclic principle or method of successive approaches.

Alternate approaches - it exercises a smaller interval, but the alternation of opposing muscle groups. After the exercise on the muscles of the shoulder girdle can relax a minute, instead of two, if then do exercises for the leg muscles. In this approach, training becomes more intense. But muscles are not fully recovered, so the work with heavy weights and the use of limited basic exercises.

Cyclic training is based a bit on a different principle. Approaches are made with little or no rest, but alternate the muscle groups of the lower and upper body. Thus, when the second exercise muscles, spent during the first time to recover.

But do stay active only useful at light load, in addition to a full-fledged exercise on other muscle groups can take some time to cardio training . But if you work with a maximum weight, it is better to make a passive vacation, without additional load. So the muscles recover faster and you can work with full dedication in each approach, which is critical for weight gain and increase power performance.

In addition to the use of techniques to make the exercise intensity, there are common measures to improve the efficiency of passive recreation. They are particularly relevant for large loads:

  • fill water reserves - it is a prerequisite of rapid and complete recovery;
  • If you work with a maximum weight or close to it - knead the muscles with the help of hands, wrist - with the help of an expander;
  • if the duration of the rest more than 5 minutes, you can take a contrast shower and food.

If the rest between sets is organized properly, training effectiveness is greatly reduced. And all the indicators above - for the average athlete and does not take into account the characteristics of your body and the specifics of the load. Therefore, the rest time must be adjusted the same way as a set of exercises in the complex, focusing on averages, but not taking them as truth. If rates are rising - was selected the correct interval of rest.

Last update: April 06, 2017