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Rating of the best steroids

Posted by on November 17, 2017 . .
Determine the best steroid can only be based on specific goals. So now let us examine a few views on this issue, we will divide steroids for a set of muscle mass, drying, strength, relief, enhancement of functionality. Then we list the list of the best steroids according to the experts of pharmacology, proceeding from their subjective point of view.
The best steroids on weight
On a set of muscle mass, steroids are chosen that significantly increase the level of testosterone, which leads to aromatization. It is all recognized as potent testosterone, methane, nandrolone, oxymetholone, sustanone, omnadren. To these powerful steroids can be joined in a bunch of trenbolone and boldenone. The background is Turinabol (frequent replacement of methane), drostanolone (masteron), methenolone (primolobin), oxandrolone and other mild steroids.
Testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate are long esters of testosterone, which maintain a consistently high level of male hormone for a long time. Do not require too frequent injections. The main purpose of these steroids is a significant increase in muscle mass and an increase in strength. In a cycle on a set use a testosterent C and enanthate, and on drying give preference to a testosterus P - fast ether.
Methandrostenolone - a legendary drug, the starting point in the development of sports records. Often you can meet under the brand name danabol or naposim. Details about the substance were written in an information article - what is methandienone. The drug significantly increases strength. Bodybuilders use a steroid in conjunction with other anabolics, since methane in itself has the phenomenon of pullback and entails fluid retention.
Nandrolone - a powerful steroid for muscle mass. A lot of athletes were caught doping test on Nandrolone. You can find under the trade names retabolil or deca durabolin. Increases stamina, eliminates joint pain, improves blood circulation - a feeling of muscle pumping.
Oxymetalone is an oral steroid for muscle mass gain and strength increase. You can find the trade name Anapolon. Really strong preparation, but possesses some spectrum of features about which it is possible to learn in clause (article) - that such oxymetolone.
Sustanon-250 is a complex of several testosterone esters. The direction of this steroid is to increase the mass and strength. Esters of testosterone with different lengths of the side chain allows to gradually release testosterone into the blood, which for a long time provides a high concentration of male sex hormone. The raised hormonal background allows to essentially progress in sports.
Omnadren is a complex of several testosterone esters. In some ways it acts as an analogue of the joint. Unlike his "colleague" sustanona Omnadren increases the level of testosterone too sharply, which leads to more palpable aromatization. Used to increase the mass and strength in the shortest time. In the courses is one of the first drugs, and then must be replaced, for example, by the same sustanon.
Trenbolone is an interesting anabolic steroid that can be compared in strength even with testosterone and nandrolone. The trade name of the company is a vermoj-simulator. Can be used for mass and drying. Excellent looks trenbolone with testosterone enanthate for weight. On drying combined with vinstrolom, showing all their fat burning qualities. The course of vinstrol, stanozolol and clenbuterol will be expressed in a powerful burning of subcutaneous fat, a set of dry meat.
Boldenone is an injection steroid. The trade name of the company is vermoj - boulder. Can be used for mass and drying. It shows itself well in various anabolic combinations. On the set of masses, boldenone goes in conjunction with sustanone or testosterone enanthate. For drying, boldenone can be combined with a stove, a trench and testosterone propionate.
Obviously, the above drugs are extremely powerful and effective in terms of building muscle mass. The course on weight looks more effective with the participation of anabolic combinations. Thus, the effect of the cycle is increased and the side effects are minimized.
Best steroids for drying and relief
Steroids for drying are selected with a weak aromatization and without fluid retention. Also, the drying preparations have the effect of reducing the fatty layer, which in the symbiosis of several substances only increases.
Stanozolol - a steroid, presented in the form of tablets and injections - vinstrol. The drug enhances the process of lipolysis, burning of spicery. Increases strength and provides an increase in a small, but dry muscle mass. Used in many sports to enhance functionality. In bodybuilding, almost indispensable preparation for the drying cycle, especially in combination with the tren and clenbuterol-ver.
Oxandrolone - can be attributed to safe steroids. Has minimal pobochkami, which in practice do not manifest. Strength, endurance increases on the course. Acts as a powerful anti-catabolic. In combination with other steroids shows a fat burning effect.
Testosterone propionate is a fast testosterone ester. Male sex hormone testosterone activates anabolic effects and burns subcutaneous fat. It's actually a magical property. About this ether has already been written in detail in the article - the mechanism of action of testosterone propionate.
The trainer is used for drying.
Masteron is an anabolic steroid with a minimum of side effects. It shows the athlete's relief and promotes fat burning. There is an increase in dry muscle mass, increased strength, a feeling of stiffness of muscles. You can meet under the trade name of a master from a well-known firmage.
Turinabol is a steroid in tablets. There is a significant increase in physical characteristics and dry muscle mass. Some call the tourist a light methandrostenolone, which does not have pimples in the form of a flood of water. In detail we talked about turinabol in the article - how to take turinabol.
Primobol - can be attributed to conditionally safe steroids. Has a minimum of pobochek. It is used to increase strength, dry muscle mass and optimize fat burning.
The best steroids for increasing strength
Speaking about the increase in strength, we mean the exclusion of a significant increase in mass, so as not to move into the next weight category. The course of steroids for strength is described taking into account the increase in athlete characteristics without the addition of non-functional weight (fluid). Well behaved stanozolol and oxa. If the goal is to increase the mass, then add testosterone or a tripod to them.
The best steroids for increasing stamina
In functional sports use the following steroids:
  1. Winstrol
  2. Boldeover
  4. The Stanover
  5. Mastaver
  6. Suspension of testosterone
Often to increase stamina, stimulants clenbuterol, methyldrene, ephedrine arsan are used.
According to experts on pharmacology, a list of the most effective steroids is presented. The evaluation is based on a number of factors, such as performance and side effects.
  1. Testosterone
  2. Methandrostenolone
  3. Turinover
  4. Stanozolol
  5. Primor
  6. Oxymetholone
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