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How to overcome the issue of pulling up correctly on a horizontal bar?

Posted by on September 19, 2021 . .

Experts in the field of fitness and bodybuilding consider pull-ups on the horizontal bar the best exercise for pumping the muscles of the upper back. Some personal trainers claim that without pull-ups it is impossible to pump up a wide back at all. They are partly right.

Since some athlete’s school days, pull-ups cause unpleasant memories. Most of the individuals who did not know how to pull up at school will not perform a single repetition even in adulthood. Let's figure out how to learn to pull up correctly on a horizontal bar and why most athletes have problems with this exercise.


Why can't I pull myself up?

Before starting training, you need to find out the reason or reasons that prevent you from pulling up. There are 6 factors that prevent performing pull-ups on the horizontal bar. Let's get acquainted in more detail with some solutions also:

* Excess weight. The more an athlete weighs, the more strength they need to spend to pull themselves up. If your own weight significantly exceeds the norm, then you will have to forget about the crossbar before losing weight.

To lose this weight rapidly and effectively, many overweight individuals have had great success using T3 within their supplementations. As after the use of this substance, you will have much less body fat to try and lift. Many bodybuilders also recommend to buy Testogel  and Proscalpin to get fast results.

* Weak heart. For some children, when performing exercises, it gets dark in the eyes and begins to feel dizzy. The thing is a poorly developed cardiovascular system, the heart simply does not have time to pump blood, which is why the body does not receive enough oxygen. In this case, you need to train your heart with cardio loads (running, cycling, elliptical simulator, rowing, etc.) and only then learn to pull up.

For this, cardiovascular training will be needed to strengthen the cardiac system in order to work well enough within these workouts

* Poorly developed muscles and ligaments. A person who does not play sports and does not work physically often has weak ligaments and muscles that do not allow performing at least one repetition.

For this, Testosterone and Nandrolone are used, as Nandrolone will protect the ligaments and joints, while the testosterone will provide you with the power and strength needed to complete this exercise without any issues.

* Poorly developed auxiliary muscles. A lot of muscles are involved in performing pull-ups on the crossbar, if some of them are weak, then it will not be possible to" win the crossbar”.

For this, many use Dianabol or Anadrol to promote added growth and strength for these auxiliary muscles. After the use of these substances for a matter of weeks, you will have fully developed auxiliary muscles ready to work within these exercises.

* Incorrect technique of performing the movement. People who are far from sports, fitness in particular, try to pull themselves up with jerks and swings of the body. Performing an exercise in this style, you will not pump up your back, you can only get injured and forget about the training for a long time.

Many find this difficult due to a lack of endurance that is needed. Using Clenbuterol will enhance the endurance level and also provide greater lung capacity. This in turn will allow you to battle though this tough process of gaining the correct technique.

* Inconsistency of the muscles and the central nervous system. To fix the problem, you need to hang on the horizontal bar as often as possible trying to "overcome" the crossbar.

For this, it is a case of “practice makes perfect”, you need to try again and again, with the correct added substance for your needs and soon, you will be crossing that bar with ease!

What muscles are involved during pull-ups

There are many options for performing pull-ups. We will consider pull-ups with a straight grip, slightly wider than the shoulders. Thus, it is better for beginners to pull up (we will talk more about the execution technique later). The broadest muscles of the back which are the lats (the so-called "wings"), take on most of the load. Especially if you pull yourself up with a wide grip. In addition to the widest muscles, all the muscles of the back located on top (serrated, round, iliac, trapezoidal) participate in the movement.

We found out the information about the back, now about the hands. The biceps is the second most important muscle group for the correct performance of pull-ups (most of the biceps are used when performing the exercise with a reverse grip). The shoulders are involved only if you pull yourself up by the head with a wide grip. The forearms help to hang on the crossbar (if there are problems with the grip, then use training straps).

The correct technique of performing pull-ups

A few words about the technique have already been said, now you need to study it in small details. Once again, a beginner needs to pull up with a straight grip slightly wider than the shoulders (about the width of the palms).

The positive phase of the movement should be "explosive" (you need to pull up as quickly as possible). At the top point, the chin should be above the crossbar. The negative phase (the lowering phase) should last twice as long as the positive one. It is impossible to relax when lowering to the starting position. At the lower point, the elbows should be straightened. There can be no question of any jerks and swings.

The above technique will protect you from getting injured and will allow you to pump the target muscles well.  


Exercises that will help you learn to pull up

Let's analyze the main movements that help you learn to pull up. These exercises are suitable for people who cannot perform even one repetition:

Negative repetitions

You need to climb on the crossbar, as if you have already completed the repetition. It will not be easy to take the starting position, you can use a chair, or perform an exercise on a low horizontal bar. You can also try to jump in.

The essence of the movement is reduced to a slow lowering to a position in which the arms will become straight at the elbow joint.

The number of sets and repetitions are selected individually, it is better that a personal trainer takes care of this. If you can't use the services of such a person, then perform 3-4 sets, try to do as many repetitions as possible.

Pull-ups with a partner

This is how their fathers or older brothers teach children to pull themselves up. Adults should not disdain this exercise, as it is considered one of the most effective. The main thing is not to rely on a partner, but to try to pull yourself up with all of your might, only in this case there will be a result.

Perform the exercise while you are able to put significant effort. If it is difficult for your partner to lift you, then you need to finish the exercise.

Pull-ups in part of the amplitude

This training option is ideal for people without a partner or coach. Its essence consists in performing pull-ups with a partial amplitude.

Take a chair or other object from which you can reach the horizontal bar. Jump up so that you hang on the crossbar on your arms bent at a right angle. Try to complete the pull-up with the help of hand strength.

The first repetitions may not work out for you, but try to stay in a hanging position as long as possible on your arms bent at the elbows. Try to pull yourself up as high as possible. If your arms have stopped bending at the elbows, then you need to finish training.

Pull-ups in a simulator or with a harness

This option has one disadvantage, it is that it is not easy to find such a simulator.

Pull-ups are performed in a traditional manner. Your knees are on a special stand that pushes you up, helping you to perform the repetition. The degree of assistance is regulated. If you easily perform 12 repetitions with minimal resistance, then it's time to move on to the usual crossbar.

If the training takes place not in a fitness room, but for example on the street or at home on a crossbar, then you will have to use a rubber harness that will simulate a simulator. You can buy such a harness at a pharmacy, it costs very little. It is advisable to buy several harnesses with different degrees of resistance in order to change them when the level of fitness increases.

Australian pull-ups

The main advantage of this exercise is its simplicity. Even a complete beginner can perform Australian pull-ups.

You need to find a low horizontal bar, which is available on any pitch. The starting position is as follows, the grip is straight, slightly wider than the shoulders, the legs lie on the ground and do not participate in the execution of the movement. Performing the movement, we try as much as possible to bring the shoulder blades together at the moment of touching the crossbar with our chest.

You need to perform 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions. If it has become easy, then look for a higher crossbar.

Pulling of the upper cable machine

The cable can be pulled to the chest or behind the head. Both options are good in their own way, we will analyze them in more detail.

When performing the pull down of the upper cables to the chest, it is important to observe the correct technique. The body is fixed in an almost perpendicular position relative to the floor, it is impossible to allow swinging and jerks. At the top point, you need to stretch the widest back muscles as much as possible, straightening your elbows and spreading your shoulder blades. At the lower point, the shoulder blades are completely squeezed.

The technique of performing the upper cable pull for the head is similar to the first option. The body is perpendicular to the floor. The arms are still straightened at the top point, so that the widest muscles stretch well. At the bottom point, you need to touch the trapezius muscles and squeeze the shoulder blades as much as possible. It is necessary to perform the exercise only with good flexibility of the shoulder joints, otherwise the chance of injury is too great.

Do not chase the scales to the detriment of technique. You need to increase the weight in the simulator gradually. 


Learning to pull up is not easy, but it is possible. If you have the opportunity to train with a coach, then use it. It won't be easy, but if you try hard, then in a few weeks you will finally reach the crossbar with your chin. Follow the technique, take care of nutrition and do not force events. A person who uses the tips that he learned about today is doomed for success! Many athletes who have given reviews regarding their process of learning to pull up on the horizontal bar, have noted that with the use of the supplementation that we have spoken about, this has changed their outlook on pull ups all together.

For many, pulling up their own body weight was just a dream and after much hard work and dedication with little to no results, they turned to the help of these training aids. After their use, many athletes have conquered this battle within a short space of time. You can find these supplements within our online store and read more regarding their many great benefits and also read the athlete’s positive reviews. 

Last update: December 15, 2021

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