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How to increase the number of reps on the pull-up bar?

Posted by on September 12, 2021 . .

“How to increase the number of pull-ups?” Is a question that worries every beginner in street sports and new comers to the gym. Pull-ups have long been an indicator of "strength" and "toughness" on the street. But despite this, many novice athletes consider them too difficult and often, throw at the very first stages, reaching 10-15 repetitions in the approach, while not always performing the exercise technique correctly. 

What muscles are involved in pull-ups: How to increase pull-ups on the horizontal bar

At first glance, it seems that the arms play the main role in pull-ups, as they "pull" the body to the crossbar. But in fact, this is not the case, during the correct execution of the exercise, the muscles of the back, shoulders, pectoral muscles and core are involved (performs a static function, keeping the body in the desired position).

Most often, the back lags behind (it is the back what is responsible for the main phase), which prevents the athletes from building up the required amplitude. The athlete has to literally climb onto the horizontal bar and of course, such a movement within the exercise is of no use.

Back work

An increase in the number of pull-ups without a well-developed back is impossible, so it should be given special attention:

  • If you can do at least 1-2 clean pull-ups, you should start combining them with Australian ones (you need a low crossbar). This will help to finish off the back and understand the technique of the exercise itself;
  • Hyperextension. An exercise familiar to many, similar to those "abs", but is done while targeting the back;
  • Traction. Nice exercise. Can be performed both in the gym with exercise equipment and outdoors with a sports elastic band.

Important! If the first sets are easy, you should not immediately increase the pace or the number of repetitions. Everything needs to be done carefully, there will still be no immediate result.


Working out the pectoral muscles and core

Here, everything is important for beginners. Bars (if possible) and push-ups from the floor with a wide spread of arms will be enough. For the core, twists (not a full lift, namely twists of 35-40 degrees) and leg raises in the hang are suitable.

Don't underestimate the role of the core within the exercise. If the core lags behind, the body will not be able to hang in the desired position for a long time, even if the rest of the body can do a few more reps.

The shoulders should not be additionally loaded, since they are also involved in the above exercises. However, the shoulder joint is one of the most important in the human body and needs to be monitored closely for potential injuries.

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How to increase pull-ups? Programs for different training levels

Before describing the programs, it is worth mentioning a few points.

First, even 100 wrong reps are nothing compared to 1 clean one. You don't have to chase an increase in the number of pull-ups at the expense of the quality of the movement, as quantity does not mean quality.

Secondly, all people are physically different. Genetics is a complex thing, so these programs should be perceived as a "skeleton" that needs to be adapted for yourself, your needs and the capabilities of your body.

Thirdly, over the millions of years of human existence, the body has learned to do only one thing ideally, which is to adapt. To the cold, to the heat, to a new society or to monotonous training. A good athlete never trains within one program. Otherwise, the body will quickly adapt to it and stop increasing the physical performances.


Program to increase from 5-10 reps to 12-15

In this case, muscle strength plays the main role, so the main emphasis will be on this factor (workouts are designed for 2-3 times a week, exercises are done at 60-75% of the maximum):

  • Pull-ups, 4 sets with 1-minute rest;
  • Negative lowering, 4 sets with 1-minute rest;
  • Australian Pull-Ups, 4 sets maximum with 1-minute rest;
  • Hanging on the horizontal bar, 4 sets to the maximum.

If the last approaches cannot be completed completely, you need to reduce the number of repetitions. In the Australian variant, you can increase or decrease the amplitude to the correct working level.


Program to increase pull-ups up to 20-30

It would seem that the lats are pumped, the shoulders stick out and it just doesn't work to pull up more than 20 times per set. The problem here is endurance. Muscles just don't have enough energy to pull up.

Tip: To gain enhanced endurance levels, many athletes use Clenbuterol, as this substance opens up the lungs and provides greater lung capacity for the user. Also by warming the body temperature and increasing the resting heart rate slightly, this promotes better cardiovascular activity and thus, increases the endurance levels of the athlete while promoting better fat burning processes also! You can find Clenbuterol within our online catalog.

But, most importantly, at this stage everything is so individual that it is very difficult to build a program that really suits everyone. The most versatile options are pull-ups with extra weight and pull-ups with more sets, but fewer reps.

It should be understood that each new repetition uses much more effort than the previous one.  For example, a person doing 20 reps in an approach is stronger than the one who does 10 reps not 2 times, but 3-4 times.

If you can't do more than 5 repetitions, then you need to strengthen the muscles with the exercises described above. The usual "ladder" will also be effective. 



Why it is not possible to increase the number of pull-ups on the horizontal bar

Beginners tend to make mistakes. Unfortunately, not everyone learns from them and this slows down their progress:

  • Excess weight. Being overweight will not only fail to pull up adequately, but it is also not recommended. This creates an extra burden on the heart and joints, so it is better to burn all the fat first with the help of cardio;
  • Psychological barrier. People often instill in themselves inflated standards. Nobody is obliged to progress overnight. As each individual is different!
  • Imbalance and monotony. As mentioned above, the body adapts to monotonous training. At the same time, if only one muscle group is specially pumped, it will begin to "pull" the rest and create problems with the spine. To avoid this, the body will refuse to progress within these workouts;
  • Incorrect technique. Bad technique does not bring any benefit and accordingly, there will be no increase in strength indicators.

Genetics! In 98% of these genetics are laziness and unwillingness to work on one’s self in the long term. Even with the poorest genetics, certain results can still be achieved with hard work, dedication and even the help of supplementation.


How to quickly increase the number of pull-ups: Tips and tricks

It is human nature to prefer short-term pleasure to long-term. Simply put, people always need results here and now. But the world doesn't work like that and this won't work.

You should not expect a mind-blowing result in the first months, as it takes time if you are not using training aids or supplementations. Once a month, it is worth giving the body a week of rest, completely dropping out of the training regime. This will help the body to reboot and avoid injury.

In the process of doing the exercises, you need to think about the muscles, visualize their work in your head, and feel the body. At the same time, you need to think not about how to increase the number of pull-ups or other distant topics, but about the training process.

Sleep and good nutrition are key to good progress and no workout will help without one of these points.

Training is fun. Going to it, as to hard labor, you should not expect any positive results. You need to learn to enjoy sports, reward yourself for it (2 hours in the gym = 2 episodes of a new series, etc.).

It's also worth finding some company for yourself. In bigger cities, this will definitely not be a problem, but in small cities you can try to infect friends and acquaintances with a good example.  At the same time, it is worth remembering that on the site or in the hall, everyone is equal and you should not try to "stand out" with your results.


Last update: October 06, 2021