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Fluoxymesterone Info

Halotestin – is the trade name for the steroid fluoxymesterone, which produces firm Upjohn. Its structure is derived from fluoxymesterone testosterone. It is different from the source of androgen by three structural changes, this additional group of 17-alpha-methyl, 11-beta-hydroxy and 9-fluorene group. Therefore, the oral steroid has pronounced androgenic qualities. This is due to the fact that fluoxymesterone is a derivative of testosterone, so it has some similar characteristics. More important is the fact that Halotestin is a good basis for enizimov 5-alpha. This is evidenced by the large amount of degradation products of the...

Fluoxymesterone – derivative with the addition of methyltestosterone 11b-9-hydroxy-fluorene groups and, for oral administration.

The result is that there is a powerful tableted steroid with strong androgenic properties and absence of flavoring and unlike testosterone with a moderate anabolic effect. It tells us that this drug is not made for a set of muscle mass. For that you can safely use those athletes who need strength, a lot of power. 20 times more active than methyltestosterone, relevant studies have shown that differs from the addition of methyltestosterone fluorene group in position 9-alpha, and adding the hydroxyl group...

Fluoxymesterone – is tableted anabolic steroid. This drug has a relatively weak anabolic effect and at the same time has a strong androgenic effect. Athletes taking fluoxymesterone, to improve their performance and increase the power density of the muscles. The total weight of the athlete does not change. Halotestin has a specific activity, and for this reason it is a favorite drug of strength athletes, who want to remain in his weight class, boxers and other athletes in combat sports. Fluoxymesterone take before the competition. Unfortunately, this drug has a high toxic effects on the liver.

Until now, the time has not yet...

Fluoxymesterone – an anabolic steroid that comes in tablet form. Fluoxymesterone has a pronounced androgenic and anabolic little impact. Mainly used to increase the aggression, strength, density, muscle, without increasing the weight of the athlete’s body. Due to non-standard activities, often use Halotestin athletes – the security forces, who do not want to increase the weight class. It is also actively used in boxing and other martial arts just before the start of competitions. Fluoxymesterone quite toxic to the liver. A clear mechanism of action on the human body have not yet been studied.

The steroid...

Halotestin – oral steroid which was introduced on the market by Upjohn in 1957. The active substance fluoxymesterone (Halotestin) is essentially a previous methyltestosterone, which is due to changes in the chemical structure, was made much more androgenic than just testosterone. Anabolic Halotestin same effect is quite small in comparison to the androgen.

Based on the characteristics Halotestin athletes use it mainly when the athlete is more interested in strength gain. Paeurliftery tyazhёloatelty and which must remain within a certain weight class often use Halotestin because they are primarily interested in increasing...