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Brief description of the steroid fluoxymesterone

Posted by in Fluoxymesterone Description on November 29, 2017 . .

«Halotabs» – a steroid, which has a very high androgenic anabolic qualities and insignificant. Produced by G-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and is composed of active substance fluoxymesterone. It is also known under the trade names “Halotestin®” “Halotestin” “Halotest” “Fluoxymesterone”.

Application «Halotabs»

The substance of the drug is fluoxymesterone – a derivative remedy methyltestosterone. «Halotabs» is used in cases where halotabsthe athlete needs increase muscle strength is greater than the mass.

In the west, weightlifters and powerlifters often use this tool to save a certain weight category with an increase in power only.

In bodybuilding means it applies solely to the competition, as the substance is strongly androgenic, but it is very poorly flavored.

Provided that an athlete have a low fat content, it receives a greater firmness and form muscles. Despite the fact that the muscular girth becomes more visually athlete looks much bulkier because significantly increased muscle density.

The effect and the effect of the drug to an athlete

«Halotabs» using up to 20 mg per day does not cause water retention. During a diet tool is ideal for the athlete endured intense hard training, as increased aggressiveness athlete. Perhaps that is why the drug is popular among football players and boxers.

The drug was developed by modifying the testosterone that is allowed to increase its half-life and reduce degradation during passage through the liver. Also, a modification was aimed at preventing the aromatization process. That is, the drug eliminates the possibility of the development of gynecomastia, water retention and fat deposition on the female type.

The drug stimulates the synthesis of hemoglobin, thereby increasing the aerobic performance of athletes involved in athletics.

Halotestin” can be used to enhance the process of burning excess fat. Clinically proven agent enhances fatty acid oxidation in the fast-twitch muscle fibers.

The drug is taken orally, the dosage of 20 mg per day are not recommended, however, many athletes increase the dosage in several times to achieve a greater effect. Some athletes use the drug only in the drying process for increasing muscle mass bump musculature.