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Anabolic Steroids Side Effects

Posted by on January 31, 2017 . .

Why I decided to raise this issue? Many of the problems allegedly related to the steroids, which are constantly discussed, seem to me far-fetched, or manifest only under certain conditions that we unknowingly create. And some do not pay attention, or do not suspect that they are linked to steroids.

And if a sore of a bodybuilder come out and he will come to the doctor that the diagnosis threshold is from anabolics.
But 99% of doctors never and ever prescribed steroids and have no idea how they work and what are the consequences of accepting them. I am a doctor myself, and knowing the level of domestic, and especially of medicine in Moscow, trying from it (medicine) to stay away, turning only in those cases when he can not cope.

I came somehow an abdominal ultrasound to be done. Only my shirt's off, just hear: "Oh, how it all started! Hormones, anabolics, tells me the aunt the doctor. — Well, let's see. You have diffuse changes of a liver. — What cirrhosis? — ask. — Yes, no, diffuse changes of a liver. — And you saw a man around 40 years without diffuse changes of the liver? — Actually, no." Further. "What is the pancreas a large! — What, the edges are fuzzy, swelling, inflammation? — ask. No, it's just big. — And you often come to people weighing 120 kg, which is abdominal visible? — The first time — is responsible. — And why does it have to be small, especially as I have 30 years of eating, but 5-7 times a day times a year or two more than the average man? For me it's physiological," I said. Then the dialogue did not work, I got my description of the internals and went to deal with him myself.

But not everyone can handle it himself. What about those who wobbles, but doesn't know medicine? I consider it my duty to explain at least some things.

Don't bet side effects from the steroids — not a myth. But how to say it. Here is an example: employees of the Boston medical center Beth Israel Deaconess analyzed the results of 72 research projects carried out to ascertain side effects of drugs of testosterone. It turned out that all accumulated data do not confirm the hypothesis that these drugs contribute to the emergence of cardiovascular disease and prostate tumors. Abraham Morgentaler and Hernani Roden presented their findings in the latest issue of New England Journal of Medicine.

Do who much "possible side effect" emerges, in fact, usually the main effect (growth of strength and muscle mass) are poorly manifested. You should consider, and whether then do the steroids? In life, there are still a lot of interesting things. If you have height 165, then a great basketball player you are unlikely, but can play at your leisure at your pleasure. The same is here. Of zdraviy sense should be present.

Liver problems

One of the serious side effects in the use of AAS (androgen anabolic steroids) is considered to be the liver.
In General, AAS is one of the most toxic drugs in medicine, with great breadth of therapeutic action. For example, immediate toxic dose decadurabolin is 200,000 mg active substance. And that 4,000 ampoules of 50 mg. so, if imminent death does not threaten us, what the danger is and what it is connected? Usually there are three looming problems.

First — some people have innate characteristics hepatic metabolism, characterized by inadequate activity of microsomal enzymes of the liver cells. In life is not seen, but the reception of AAS, even in relatively small doses causes liver dysfunction. Conclusion: if you have a weak liver, and a liver "three" came out after the first packet of methane or even after a course of injectable drugs — throw this dirty thing, steroids is not for you.

Secondly, with long-term continuous administration of oral steroids are 17-alpha occurs the liver on the type of cholestatic hepatitis. If you do it the first time, drop the course and start flamin and Heptral plus 2 liters of warm mineral water, degassed in a day. 3 months after normalization of all the indicators you can try again the reception of the AAS, under the regular control of the blood picture, completely eliminating tablet medication.

Third, insufficient intake of protein on the course (less than 2 g per kg of weight, plus or minus 0.5 g), the body begins to experience amino acid starvation. When amino acid levels in the blood falls below a critical level, the body begins to break down the cells of the liver, replenishing amino acid balance. In place of the destroyed cells immediately rushes the fat (Holy place is never empty) and occurs fatty degeneration of the liver called steatosis.

A few words about the analyses which we are afraid of doctors. Directly on the liver they say only gamma glutamine TRANS peptidase (GTP) and alkaline phosphatase (Alp). The increase in ALT and ACT in the power athletes may not be associated with impaired liver function.
Next. On the basis of ultrasound can not be put the diagnosis "drug-induced hepatitis", the resolution of the method does not allow.

Ultrasound can only show diffuse or focal changes in the liver and change its size. If it was increased, I think, the phenomenon of intrahepatic cholestasis was. ALT and ACT are not specific of the hepatic enzymes in the liver indicates HTTP. The presence of cholestasis (stagnation of bile in the liver) indicates alkaline phosphatase (ALP). The phenomena of cholestasis, probably was provoked by the Kars.
This medicine thickens the wall of the liver, AAS too, so bile becomes difficult to permeate the thick membrane, and it stagnates in the liver. Choleretic (allohol, holenzim) — also not the best choice, as they increase the production of bile. Better in this case to buy Helichrysum, flamin and benzonal for stimulation of microsomal enzymes of the liver, Heptral is also good. Quality "Shoe" at the cellular level not only of the liver, is extremely effective, but very complicated procedure (to expel bile from the liver is slightly easier).

High blood pressure (BP)
With a liver clear. Next stop — HELL. The main reasons for the increase in BP when using the AU are:
1. the increase in blood volume due to fluid retention in the body. Rational method of correction of this condition is the administration of diuretics, and not just any kind, a those which do not disturb the electrolyte balance. Such a preparation is, for example, hydrochlorothiazide.
2. the increase in viscosity (thickening) of the blood by increasing the formation of red blood cells and platelets and high cholesterol. If the hemoglobin greater 170 grams per liter, increased red blood cells, platelets and cholesterol, it is just the situation. There needs hemodilution (dilution of blood), bloodletting, usually 3-4 times in 500 ml of blood, with reimbursement volume by using the blood substitutes, and albumin. This is done only in a health facility. Also need a diet with a significant reduction (almost to zero) consumption of animal fats, increasing the intake of unsaturated fats from fish (salmon, cod) and increase omega-3 fatty acids, it is best by taking Flaxseed oil, 1 tsp per 23 kg of body weight in winter and 25 kg in summer. You will need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates do minimize. After normalization, all parameters have to revise the dosage and duration of courses and get PA more soft drugs with high anabolic index.
3. strong stimulating effect of AAS on the Central nervous system and a state of chronic overtraining. The solution to this problem in the selection of regulating the initiation of drugs to get a period of the reception beta-blockers, and of course, again, the correction of dosages, timing of acceptance and the range of AC. Overtraining, should be treated as any illness appropriate methods. If this information you can give to your doctor, I think, will only benefit.

We turn to the problems "below the belt". When taking steroids is broken spermatogenes and dramatically decreases the number of sperm in the semen, because other than testosterone in spermatogenesis plays an important role in luteinizing hormone (LH). Is a hormone of the anterior pituitary, which stimulates the testes and promotes their growth and functioning, production of testosterone and sperm. When the body receives a fair amount of testosterone from outside, LH production decreases. This does not mean that problems with sperm production is irreversible. All depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Some on the full restoration of reproductive function and hormonal profile requires 2-3 months, some 2-3 years and additional treatment. I know cases, when all were restored after a 3-year continuous course of 2-3 grams of AAS per week.

Often users of AAS for the sake of accelerating the process of recovery zealously undertake hurt and begin to stuff yourself with restorative drugs like nolvadex, clomid, Proviron and gonadotropin. The intake of such drugs usually has unpredictable effects, so I personally do not recommend taking this crap, at least, be restricted to herbal medicines type of speman and Tribestan. If not better, definitely not worse. The only indication for receiving gonadotropin — that long courses of AAS at high dosages. And take it for 500. 1 every 3 weeks for prevention of atrophy of the testicles. To restore the hormonal profile, just stop taking AAS. In a pinch, you can 3 weeks to drink methane 2-3 tablets in the morning (7 to 9 hours) in a day.

Don't know what is the truth in my words, since neither I nor my players this, thank God, never was, and all of my reasoning, not confirmed by practice. One thing I do know, to ignore it is impossible, and I think you should start with a thorough examination of the liver, because the aromatization of doses less than 1500 mg week are very often connected with the problems of this vital organ.

It is the testosterone been tested and is used now as a contraceptive. More testosterone enanthate in a dosage of 250 mg per week. Only spermatogenesis "turn off" immediately, but after 4-5 weeks, so in the first month of the course becoming a father is possible.

Prolonged use of high doses of growth hormone (GH) without insulin can cause a picture of diabetes that disappears after discontinuation of GR. That would not have occurred, even children receiving treatment GR, it is constantly undergoing control blood sugar, and when growth starts to insulin.

Reduced immunity
The issue of immunosuppression needs to be addressed comprehensively.
1. Go to short courses, or 5 weeks of starting active therapy anticortisol — phosphatidylserine plus aminoglutethimide 1 tablet a day or every other day.
2. For the prevention of colds is very well established Oscillococcinum 1 dose 1 time per week.
3. Correction of the disturbed immune status should be carried out very precisely. It is necessary to take a blood interferon status, and then in the lab you will pick up the immunomodulator. It is necessary to pierce a strict accordance with the recommendations. Repeat this procedure 1-2 times per year on the basis of blood tests and health.
Given that the AAC is still not very strong immunogenecity, this tactic allows you to fully offset this negative side effect of steroid therapy.

Heartburn from methane and others tablet forms is because AAS stimulate the secretion of gastric juice containing hydrochloric acid. Most active in this respect methandienone, which, incidentally, is used for the treatment of gastritis with low acidity. The stronger anabolic effect, the stronger the heartburn. Tricky words about the substance you can talk all you want, but we take the methane and is an anabolic steroid for anabolic effects. If not, then the absence of heartburn does not convince me that it is a better drug. I think exactly the opposite, that it's a bullshit fake! By the way, if you do not want to get hold of steroid ulcer when taking oral steroids, relieve any heartburn taking pariet. If heartburn is mild, it is enough 10 mg a day, if severe, 20.

Developing in the admission of methane and their ilk steroid gastritis can almost completely neutralize the effect of not only tablets, but also injectable forms of taken in parallel. What "weight" for gastritis?

Genetically determined gray hair, which is manifested by cessation of the formation of hair pigment, not connected in ANY WAY with aging and taking steroids. In addition to cosmetic defect (which is easily corrected) there was no danger. Elder sister of my wife was half gray-haired in 20 years, like her grandmother, who went (God forbid her health), now in its ninth decade.

We hope these simple recommendations will help you to achieve success in the sport, keep healthy and live a long happy life. I wish you all good health!

Last update: January 31, 2017