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Anabolic Steroids Results

Posted by on January 31, 2017 . .

Of course, the drugs are working (steroids), promoting sports performance, and there is no doubt. In this regard, we can talk about the useful aspects of them (steroids) use. Of course, it is better not to talk about the benefits because in the end it is questionable, and about how steroids work, enhancing your athletic performance.
So that steroid users say subjectively, and that show objective observations in practice and during the experiments on drugs:

1. The growth of power indicators.

This is because toproperty, increasing protein synthesis in the body, increase the thickness myofibrillar elements (actin and myosin), responsible for muscular contraction. Of course, this can only be achieved with concomitant heavy training and appropriate protein diet. Some power could be added by increasing the tissue levers because of increasing volume of the cell liquid (sarcoplasm) and General water retention. This power is temporary, of course, especially if the athlete for competition clears the water, trying to enter in the weight category. Some authors point to the effect of reducing the breakdown of muscle protein as a result of heavy training.

2. The increase of the muscles.

This phenomenon follows from the previous one. The growth of myofibrils and increase in the volume of sarcoplasm are the main factors responsible for the increase of muscles. Of course, all these changes can take place only when heavy training and appropriate nutrition. Another possible factor that leads to growth of muscles - effect of increased blood volume. It was shown that within two to three weeks after the start of therapy anabolic steroids total blood volume increases by 10-20%.

3. The reduction of pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis.

Such effects were and is a clinical indication for the use of anabolic drugs in medical practice. This is confirmed by many athletes who used drugs.

4. The decrease in the percentage of body fat.

This effect was observed, although it is unclear by what mechanisms this may occur. Some experts attribute this phenomenon to the account of the release of increased amounts of free fatty acids and use them as an energy source during intense muscular work.

5. Strengthening the respiratory (breathing) rate and stamina.

There is reason to believe that using anabolic drugs increases the number of mitochondria in muscle cells, whereby the cells get an increased ability to utilize oxygen during heavy training, thus increasing endurance and in the end. Perhaps more significant is the fact that an increased level of cortisol (stress hormone) secreted by the adrenal glands. Some authors also point to the increasing level of hemoglobin in the blood (chief kislorodoterapii factor), which also increases endurance.

6. Increase vascularity of muscles.

Assume that some increase in blood pressure that accompanies the use of steroids causes this affect the expansion of the lumen of blood vessels.

This, of course, improves blood flow to working muscles, which is a favorable factor. Psychologically this feels like the best content of the muscles and is called steroid-pumped. In addition to obvious cosmetic effect of this pump, it is able to increase the muscle performance.

7. Reduction of time vostanovlenie from injury or after the training.

The fact that the drugs promote the synthesis of protein and the slow excretion of nitrogen explains why the observed improved recovery from injury or surgery, especially from hard training. This, of course, increases the efficiency of such training. Is more effective healing of injured ligaments, muscles, and bones, the smaller becomes the chance of muscle tears or sprains.

8. Increases able to perform more intense or more extensive training.

This ability is believed to be the result of the increasing ability of the body to resynthesis of creatine phosphate (CP). Without enough KF muscles are very tired quickly, becomes intolerable concentration of lactic acid. It is noted also decreasing the propensity for over-training, accompanied by increased degradation (catabolism) of muscle tissue.

9. Some favorable psychological effects:

General psychological lift, a stronger desire to train and succeed, more aggressive fighting qualities, improving mental activity, ability to concentrate, increased tolerance to pain, decreasing ability to put up with weak personal performance, increased ability to set and achieve goals. These effects are considered by many as essential for competing athletes.

10. Other related steroids effects:

the increasing ability to store muscle glycogen (fuel for weight training), increasing the ability to take more food protein, slight increase in heart size, improvement of the reaction time of the muscles, especially at the onset of fatigue. There are also improve muscle memory, making it easier to return to previous higher level of athletic performance, strengthening the immune system (only for the duration of the supplementation).

Last update: May 28, 2018