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Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 .

Of course, the drugs are working (steroids), promoting sports performance, and there is no doubt. In this regard, we can talk about the useful aspects of them (steroids) use. Of course, it is better not to talk about the benefits because in the end it is questionable, and about how steroids work, enhancing your athletic performance.
So that steroid users say subjectively, and that show objective observations in practice and during the experiments on drugs:

1. The growth of power indicators.

This is because toproperty, increasing protein synthesis in the body, increase the thickness myofibrillar elements (actin and myosin),...

The main male hormone, testosterone, helps a bot grow into a man and to be masculine. This hormone is an assistant in building a beautiful body, gaining an attractive figure and increasing the sexual activity. It is this hormone who ensures the correct functioning of the reproductive system of the body. If testosterone is at a normal level, obesity or sexual dysfunction will not threaten a man.

This hormone can be produced in the body naturally, or it can come from outside. Testosterone is actively used in the form of steroids by athletes looking to gain muscle mass fast or by athletes who generally suffer from low levels of...

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 .

First look into why this is Post Cycle Therapy? Well, firstly (and obviously), the introduction of exogenous hormones leads to an imbalance in the body, the existence of which is not too comfortable. The body, of course, to a certain extent the system is self-regulating, but it would be nice to help him, not waiting when he will cope with the task. Secondly (and this is so obvious no longer seems to be), PCT can help to save "earned back-breaking labor" — that is to say muscle mass recruited during the course.

Well, in that case, if something other than water retention, you managed to gain. Why it's the "second" doesn't seem...

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 .

Comprehensive approach: to improve your body, make it beautiful, strong and hardy. Anyone who is interested in sports or medicine, I heard about this popular phenomenon as anabolic steroids. This medical pharmacology drugs that help athletes become stronger, faster, fitter, more muscular, more prominent. Steroids are in demand like athletes with experience and beginners.

Anabolic steroids are a group of drugs, which have extremely high biological activity. They are based on the male hormone – testosterone. Steroids accelerate protein synthesis, helps the body to absorb the protein and build from it your muscle mass. The body...

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 .

Why I decided to raise this issue? Many of the problems allegedly related to the steroids, which are constantly discussed, seem to me far-fetched, or manifest only under certain conditions that we unknowingly create. And some do not pay attention, or do not suspect that they are linked to steroids.

And if a sore of a bodybuilder come out and he will come to the doctor that the diagnosis threshold is from anabolics.
But 99% of doctors never and ever prescribed steroids and have no idea how they work and what are the consequences of accepting them. I am a doctor myself, and knowing the level of domestic, and especially of medicine...

Posted by on Mar 31, 2017 .

During   the time   course   of steroids   your   body   need   high   content   of   nutritive   substances   of protein,   carbohydrates,   fats   vitamins   and   minerals.   You   need   hard   to eat,   which   would   receive  all   the   necessary   nutritional   substances,   but   in addition to   the main   power supply , you   also   additionally   can   use    sports   supplements   that   will help   you   make up for    the missing   components   of    the main   power supply.


    Proteins are the most popular and most commonly used sports supplements in...

Posted by on Apr 06, 2017 .

This rarely think newcomers, but rest between sets the correct length - very important components of an effective workout. During this short rest, the body begins a process eventually leading to the growth and strengthening of muscle tissue.

So the rest must be built on the basis of knowledge of these processes with the goal of training, or a part of its effectiveness is lost, and you will train the force rather than mass build-up, increasing power rates, but almost without adding weight.

Rest between sets

Until last load and muscle forced to do some work, actively spent quick "energy" embodied in the muscle structures....

Posted by on Nov 07, 2017 .
Not everyone who wants to go in for sports has enough time to go to the gym, and home workouts require a certain inventory, the cost of which is high enough. The most popular are dumbbells. They are involved in almost all exercises. And if you do not plan to buy sports equipment in the near future, you should not give up lessons. You can make dumbbells with your own hands from fairly cheap materials. To do this, it is sufficient to read the instructions on how and from what they are made.
Dumbbells from plastic bottles with their own hands
Conventional plastic bottles allow you to make dumbells with a...